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At Tragaki location, on the eastern part of the island of Zante, the newly built 5 stars hotel Eleon Grand Resort & Spa occupies its unique space. The name is by no means accidental, as the word “Eleon” means “olive grove”, and although Eleon Grand Resort & Spa is a luxury resort on beach, the hotel is based on a 41.000 m2 farm, full of olive trees. This Mediterranean scenery is complete with the Ionian Sea, which visitors can actually see in a few meters’ distance, once they reach the beach resort’s lobby.

Enjoy your stay

What is needed for a successful conjugation of comfort, luxury and refined aesthetic is respect towards your needs and desires, high imagination and a sense of utmost beauty. The land planning of Eleon Grand Resort and Spa, following strict ecological standards and with the utmost respect towards disabled people has separated the accommodation rooms to three buildings.

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    The Greek culinary tradition, free of any flavouring compromises, counts centuries of reputation. The finest materials –virgin olive oil to hold its rightful leadership– ally to conquer even the most reluctant palate!

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